Small Self Storage Operator Makes A Big Local Impact

March 31, 2019 Community

All Purpose Storage is a small, family-owned business with seven locations in the East Texas area. We’ve been in the storage business since 2002, having facilities located in Tomball, Spring, Houston, The Woodlands and Orange Texas.

The owners of All Purpose Storage began their journey into the self-storage industry in a fashion representative of many real estate investors. Interested in an alternative to single-family residential properties, they initially explored investing in several commercial real estate sectors. After reviewing multiple types of real estate, they felt like self storage was the best option for ease of scale and operation. The leases are simple and short term and, unlike residential real estate, maintenance is minimal. There are no appliances to repair, no floor coverings to replace, and few lighting, electrical and plumbing repairs. If a tenant fails to pay as agreed, expensive eviction and legal fees can be avoided.

Technology and Customer Service

Since entering the storage business in 2002, there has been a paradigm shift. As with most industries, technology has had a significant impact on operations and customer expectations. Today’s customer can lease a unit, make a payment, or check their account balance online or via an on-site kiosk. They can use apps to access the electronic gate system without having to enter a code into a keypad. Making numerous phone calls or driving all over town to find storage to fit their needs is a thing of the past. Potential customers can go online 24 hours a day to locate a property, view photos and videos, check unit types and sizes, compare pricing, and read reviews to select their perfect solution.

We at All Purpose are moving in the direction of high-tech operational strategies, but we continue to work hard to set our facilities apart from those of the competition. Our service goes above and beyond expectations, treating the customer as they wish to be treated. We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate customers’ needs and answer their questions. If they don’t have the answer, we will find it and get back to them quickly.

Ms. Evie is always so nice and helpful. I’m sure that I drive her crazy
with all of my phone calls. She has even offered to take me to my
storage because I do not have a car. God bless her.

A Commitment to the Community

At All Purpose we know our neighbors and stay connected within the community. We recently rolled out a referral program for not only our tenants, but also local businesses and members of the community — enjoy a $50 gift card or rent credit if a referral rents a unit, while the new customer enjoys their 2nd month free. Additionally, we host onsite events, like our popular Garage Sales, where tenants have the opportunity to sell items in front of their units. We invite non-tenants to bring in items to sell as well – even offering free unit space for a week leading up to the event – to help the non-tenants prep for the big day. All Purpose advertises the event and provides some food and drink to those attending. Check out the All Purpose Storage Facebook page for details on upcoming onsite Garage Sales.

Smooth Customer Experience

All Purpose is committed to making the self storage experience as problem free as possible. We offer a wide range of unit sizes as well as state-of-the art security, drive up access, and climate-controlled units. There is also a full inventory of quality, affordable moving and packing supplies. In an effort to meet customer needs, All Purpose Storage has recently added 100 units and 12 office warehouses to the Tomball location. Further expansion at this facility is in the works.

The self-storage industry is moving forward at a rapid pace, shifting from small, local operators to large, institutional ownership. This is forcing small operators to commit significant financial resources to maintaining the technology to stay up-to-date in the current market. Along with this commitment, All Purpose Storage is capitalizing on the potential in their local market by giving customers what they’ve always wanted: products and services that meet their needs and solve their problems, all with friendly customer service.

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